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With an extensive business management background spanning three decades across a wide spread of industries, sectors, and countries, I’ve been fortunate to have been exposed to a multitude of business models, leadership styles, disciplines and company structures from privately owned companies through to multinationals, a directorship in a joint venture and self-employment.

This raft of experiences has enabled me to become adept at quickly identifying the true issues within an organisation that lie ‘below the surface’, unnoticed and/or unaddressed, yet insidiously impacting and undermining the environment and success of the enterprise. There is one thing that stands out to me more than any other, and that is, no matter what the initial issue is, it always comes down to People. Or more specifically, unleashing the latent Human Potential that lies, wasted and neglected within them; an untapped resource that every enterprise I’ve been associated with was either unaware of, or didn’t know how to access and utilise it.

Tapping into this latent Human Potential will, quite literally, transform your business, and quite probably your life. These aren’t fancy words. I have remarkable proven results – measurable and tangible – that have been delivered when this potential has been accessed. Be it the growing pains of a small business, disengaged employees, dysfunctional cultures, the need to reinvigorate an ageing company, or simply knowing your business could be performing better, the evidence is consistent - businesses transform.

gael signature v2It’s not enough though to only transform the business. The people that are that business need also to transform. Witnessing the shifts and growth in individuals when they awaken to their potential is magical, not unlike watching a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis as it unfolds its wings and gains the strength and confidence to fly. Driven by two passions – improving business results (especially profitability) and creating opportunities for people to become the best version of themselves – the work I do allows me to fulfil both. It is in the coming together of these two passions, delivering results that delight my clients and seeing happier, more engaged employees in those organisations that lets me know we’ve achieved for YOU and what we set out to do:

- Creating an Enterprise that Thrives and Grows.

“Gael has a real knack for seeing potential and putting steps in place to reach it. From dated systems, hardware and procedures, she took what we had and helped us prepare to take the company to the next level. Personally, I will always be grateful because she saw potential in me and helped me strengthen my self-confidence so I could pursue my career growth.”

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