coaching .

Working with key personnel our one-to-one coaching programs shift mindsets and enhance communication skills.  This enable individuals to lead people with greater presence, clarity and confidence.  Participants both learn and experience (and thus it sticks with them!) the impact that can be made within themselves, their teams and their organisation when they start communicating from a place of personal responsibility, accountability and heightened self-awareness.  Outcomes from our coaching programs can include increased sales, greater staff retention, increased profitability, and a happier, more harmonious workplace.

A key reason these programs work is that all content is tailored specifically to the needs of the participant, with the flexibility to work with their own pace of growth.  

workshops .

Our workshops help participants understand the impact their own behaviours, attitudes and actions have on those around them in the workplace. They will come away with refreshed ways of communicating in today’s workplace that creates team culture and lifts productivity, creativity and enjoyment of their work.

Workshops, like all the work we do, are tailored to the needs of our clients and the participants.  This not only includes the content of the workshops, but also the duration in which they run, ranging from two hours to two days.  

speaker .

Be it your next conference, a local business event or addressing our future leaders, we love to weave our stories of transformational leadership in to the theme or objectives of your event ensuring that the message is on-point, engaging and inspiring for your attendees.  


consulting /advisory .

Let’s face it, at times companies need some independent support. Be it how to get through the growing pains of a small business, the need to reinvigorate an ageing company, employee relationship issues, or simply knowing your business could be performing better, you don’t need to do it alone. Our extensive business experience across a wide range of industries and sectors enables us to tailor to exactly what you need.

“Gael is easy to talk to; she has the ability of cutting through the excuses and making you see the real issues.”

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