Here's some case studies and quotes from companies and people Gael has worked with.  

"they had fun – and above all, they were happier" 

A long-established import-export business, Gael quickly identified that while the employees were delivering satisfactory work, there was no synergy  between them.  Each operating within their own ‘bubble’, overly protective of ‘their’ work, with no communication with each other. They came to work, did their job and went home. Day in, Day out. Classic “disengaged employee” syndrome! The company culture was unhealthy and at times toxic.

Over a period of 18 months Gael delivered a cultural revamp. This included building trust and supporting her team. Individuals were encouraged to speak openly with respect and without fear of reprisal. They learned to appreciate the work their fellow colleagues did and the value of working as a team. They also learned it was ok – in fact it was imperative – that they had fun at work. 

In Gael's first full financial year , a net profit result 180% of the Director-approved budget (a significant 6-figure amount) was delivered. It also became the ‘darling’ in the Group of companies to which it belonged and the transformation was acknowledged by the Board.

This impressive financial result took hard work.  Above all, it was the shift that took place in the employees - transforming into a team of highly engaged people where they went above and beyond what was expected of them, they had fun, they were respected and valued, and they were happier all round. 


"Gael always wanted the best from us, and for us"

Gael came into this business when it was 7 years old.  It had grown steadily but had reached a plateau. Gael was charged with taking it to the next level. 

Through fostering transparent, fair, consistent and open dialogue across the company, and introducing new disciplines and systems to support growth, within 18 months the fleet capacity had grown 230% and was positioned for nationwide franchising.  It had outgrown its existing premises and moved into a significantly larger facility.  Staff numbers had increased also.  In the words of the owner, it was now a fully fledged "real" business.

Gael is adamant the business success was a direct result of the relationships that had been built with the people, witnessing individuals willing giving more of themselves, being more productive and effective. Unsolicited positive feedback from clients on an almost weekly basis served as reinforcement that the people were performing well. 

When Gael's time here came to an end, here's what some of the guys had to say on her farewell card:

                                “Thank you for honestly sticking to your word and looking out for us”                                                  

                                                “You always wanted the best from us, and for us”

                                                            "I always knew you had my back"

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