Author: Michelle Obama

It felt like a privilege to read this book. To be taken on such an open, authentic journey into the world that was Michelle Robinson, a black girl growing up in Chicago through to Michelle Obama, the first black First Lady of the United States of America.
To be honest, I had not expected to enjoy this book. It was thanks to my fellow book-clubbers that I decided to read it. And Iā€™m grateful I did. Her ability ā€“ and willingness ā€“ to lay herself bare to her audience is applaudable. Experiencing Michelle Obama ā€“ as an every day modern woman, pursuing a career, juggling raising children with a husband that was increasingly being pulled away by his career, through to being one of the worlds most recognised women, surrounded by body guards everywhere she went, having her look and her words critiqued by millions, and trying to create a life as normal as possible for her children while also determined to remain grounded herself, always knowing that nothing was permanent with politics and one day they would move out of the White House as quickly as they moved in.

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