The uninhabitable earth
A story of the Future

Author: David Wallace-Wells

This is not a feel-good book. At times while reading it, I felt completely numbed with the information I was taking in. Irrespective of one’s own stance in the Climate Change debate, this book is an important read. Thoroughly researched, with facts and figures, statistics and data that did eventually swamp me, I still found the content to be so powerful that I have urged many to also read it.

Stepping through the various scenario’s, supported by data, the author looks at the array of issues facing Earth. Sub headings under the chapter heading of “Elements of Chaos” is a far indication of what lay in store:- Heat, Death, Hunger, Drowning, Wildfire, Dying Oceans, Unbreathable Air, Economic Collapse…. And more. Hence the numbness I often felt reading this. It is a wake-up call to all humanity and one that I urge others to read.  

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